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"In my studio I prefer the more considered steps of small production beauty. For example, the unique phyto-concentrate featured in my products has been grown and harvested then infused especially for my collection in Little River, South Island. This signature blend of Kawakawa, Calendula, Dandelion Leaf and Rosehip has been chosen by me for this range because of their complementary properties."

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Autumn Approach

With the warmer days behind us, it’s time to focus on rejuvenating and restoring the skin in preparation for cooler temperatures.

As humidity levels drop, so do moisture levels in the skin, which means additional hydration is essential for skin health. Opt for ingredients packed with essential fatty acids and active hydrators to attract and retain moisture in the skin.


Now is the perfect time to reintroduce your favourite face oil into your skincare routine.

Botanical oils help to restore the skin's natural barrier, preventing moisture loss and protecting against environmental stressors.Our Bio-Nutrient Face Oil is conditioning, lightweight and penetrates the skin deeply. Supercharged with phyto-rich Bioactive Green Tea extract, it utilises high-performing biomolecules to infuse the skin with nutrients.


Apply our powerhouse duo of the Enzyme Refine Cleansing Balm and the Manuka Leaf Exfoliant for the ultimate smoothing and clarifying treatment.

Mineral-rich and detoxifying, Manuka Leaf, New Zealand Glacial Clay and brightening Licorice Root work synergistically with the enzymatic cleanser to slough away dead skin cells. For best results, mix together and massage into skin. Leave as a mask for a minute or two, then rinse. Your skin is left primed and prepped for your moisturising rituals to follow.


Our Mineral Tints — Dahlia, Apricots and Hyacinth — are a sheer, buildable colour cream for eyes, lips and cheeks.

Consider them as an extension of your skincare regime while adding gentle colour and luminosity to the complexion. The formulations are enhanced with our Signature phyto-concentrate of Dandelion Leaf, Rosehip, Kawakawa and Calendula to provide to extra vitamins, omegas and antioxidants.

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Camellia Seed Oil

Known for its moisturising and anti-aging properties, Camellia seed oil works to protect skin cells from sun damage, increase elasticity and smooth fine lines. It leaves your skin replenished and ultra-hydrated, while remaining lightweight and easily absorbed.

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Fine-milled Manuka Leaf

Maryse is the only skincare company to utilise the incredible properties of Manuka Leaf on the skin. Manuka leaves have long been celebrated for their medicinal properties and antimicrobial activity. Our Manuka Leaf is finely milled, and when used topically can address inflammation and combat oiliness and minor skin irritations. Blended in our Manuka Leaf Exfoliating Polish with other botanical powders, this physical exfoliant works to slough away dead skin cells, leaving skin resurfaced and bright.

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Signature Phyto-Concentrate

To boost and fortify our already nutrient-rich formulations, we’ve included our signature botanical Phyto-Concentrate of Dandelion Leaf, Rosehip, Kawakawa and Calendula. Grown and harvested in the South Island, these super-botanicals provide critical amounts of naturally occurring vitamins, omegas and antioxidants.

Featured In: Bio-Nutrient Face Oil — Multi-Vitamin Body Oil — Intensive Omega Treatment Oil — Treatment Balm — Mineral Tints »

Maryse O’Donnell »

"To keep things simple, my approach is pared back and minimal, but consistent. I try to notice the changes in my skin and adjust my products to suit."

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