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The Foundations of Skincare

A pared back routine using a few high quality essentials is the most achievable and effective way to look after your skin. Maryse offers multi-nutritive formulations that are effective with no excess — just ingredients to serve the skin. To take care of your complexion, we encourage you to keep things simple and prioritise potency and quality over quantity.

These are the main staples of any comprehensive skincare routine.
Cleansing is the first step in your skincare routine. A good cleanser removes makeup, dirt, pollution and old cells while maintaining the natural pH of your skin. This process encourages clear skin, hydration and regeneration. It will also prepare your skin for the absorption of other products.

The Enzyme-Refine Cleansing Balm is a multi-tasking cleanser that gently melts away impurities without compromising moisture levels. It leaves the skin prepped and primed, creating the perfect base for moisturising rituals.
Every few days you can follow your cleanse with a gentle exfoliant. Exfoliating eliminates dead skin cells and dry, flaky skin - leaving room for new skin cells to surface. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week will encourage blood flow and leave you with a natural glow.

The Manuka Leaf Exfoliant is a detoxifying blend of mineral and botanical powders to prime, polish and deeply cleanse the skin. Finely milled, wild-crafted and sustainable Manuka Leaf is the hero of this exfoliant and Maryse is currently the only skincare brand harnessing its benefits. This native NZ ingredient helps to slough away old skin cells and leave skin deeply cleansed and smooth.
A serum is an intense hit of active ingredients that target fine lines and vulnerable areas of skin such as under the eyes and around the mouth. Serums are potent and absorb rapidly into targeted areas while moisturisers work over larger areas to fortify the skin. For best results, apply a serum after cleansing and before moisturising.

The concentrated and versatile Bio-Boost Serum will improve and revitalise delicate skin around the eyes and face. It’s a compact, light-textured serum and is also ideal for moisture top-ups on the go and as an extra antioxidant boost specific to the eyes.
One of the pillars of your daily skincare regime is a good moisturiser that will balance and nourish the skin. Used daily, it will promote elasticity and help to create a protective barrier between your skin and the climate. Listen to your skin and adapt to environmental changes, moisturising more and less as you feel is needed. A moisturising face oil aligns with the natural oils of the skin. The oils used in Maryse products are also botanically based so hold a range of extra benefits.

The Bio-Nutrient Face Oil is a potent blend of nutrient-rich and conditioning botanicals. This maintains optimum moisture while delivering powerful, nourishing and antioxidant botanical properties. Suitable for all skin types, this readily-absorbed face oil will keep your skin supple and soft. We recommend moisturising morning and night, but adjust the frequency to suit your natural skin type.

The Moisture-Lock Hydrator is a multi-active, high performance moisturiser that delivers instant skin hydration and radiance. This lightweight cream locks in moisture to sustain ultra hydration throughout the day. By restoring and maintaining optimal hydration levels, the skin is quenched, smoothed and fine lines are plumped.

When your skin is extra-dry or needs an extra lipid boost, the Omega Treatment Oil is an ultra-nourishing treatment moisturiser. Overflowing with essential fatty acids, it’s ideal for intensive hydration. The Omega Treatment Oil is the perfect remedy for dry, parched skin types or as a concentrated moisture boost during cooler seasons.
Finishing touches:
Treatment Balm
The Treatment Balm is a multi-purpose lip and skin salve enriched with the unique healing properties of Manuka honey. It provides calming and intensive moisture to areas of the skin that require extra care and nourishment and can also be used to set the brows.
Mineral Tints
These unique and organic formulations offer a hydrating alternative to blusher and lipstick, providing natural colour for lips and cheeks. Apricots, Hyacinth and Dahlia can be layered to build intensity on a range of skin tones for a fresh, rosy look. We encourage you to experiment, mix and match colours and find what suits you and your beauty routine.
The perfect finishing product for a post-facial glow. This ultra-sheer highlighting Dew gives a fresh, illuminated finish and enhances your skin’s natural radiance. You can apply the Dew with your fingertips to your cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, cupids bow & inner corners of the eyes for a subtle glow.
Body Oil
The Multi-Vitamin Body Oil is a replenishing, all over body treatment for vitamin-rich daily hydration. It is readily absorbed and infused with a natural, signature scent of green fig and tea leaves. This concentrated botanical formula will leave skin supple and revitalised.