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Quick Tricks for the Ultimate Post-Facial Glow

To enhance our skin with instant luminosity over the Summer months, the finishing touches in our skincare regime are the one-of-a-kind Treatment Balm, Dew and Mineral Tints. These unique and organic formulations provide intense hydration and glossy skin. We encourage you to experiment, mix and match colours and find what suits you and your beauty routine for the ultimate post-facial glow.

1. DEW
Quench the skin with conditioning and bio-active properties while adding illumination to a range of skin tones. Apply the Dew with your fingertips to your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow & inner corners of the eyes for a lifted, iridescent glow.
Dahlia, Apricots and Hyacinth provide a dewy natural colour for eyes, lips and cheeks. Warm the Mineral Tints with your fingers and apply to the apples of the cheeks for a fresh, rosy look. Blend up along the cheekbones for more definition. For lips, apply with your fingers and add layers for more intense colour. Try the Apricots on your eyelids for a vibrant, nude pop of colour.
Finally, apply the all-in-one Treatment Balm to the lips before or after the Mineral Tints for a fresh, luscious look. Apply to the brows with your fingertips to achieve a natural, laminated finish.

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